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In 1547 Diane de Poitiers, Duchess of Valentinois and mistress of king Henri II of France, started building the château at Anet . Within five years the work was accomplished, under the direction of the famous architect Philibert de l'Orme and with the assistance of Benvetuno Cellini, Germain Pilon, Jean Cousin and Léonard Limousin .

In 1566, Diane de Poitiers died at Anet . In accordance with her wishes, her daughter, Louise de Brézé, Duchess of Aumale, erected near the château a chapel (which has just been restored ) in which Diane's tomb was to rest .

During the XVII th century the château passed into the hands of the Duke of Penthièvre lived there in grand style .

The French Revolution and the years that followed almost brought about the destruction of the château . It was first confiscated by the state then sold off as " national property " . after it has been sacked, demolition contractors began to pull down the building, destroying the central part and the north wing .

In 1840 the of restorations began-five generations of the same family have succeeded with loving care and taste in restoring to this beautiful place part of its former splendor, one of the outstanding examples of French architecture of the day .

Where is Anet ?

The château d'Anet is situated at 78 km of Paris and at 16 km from Dreux . Take the autoroute A 13 ( towards Rouen ), leave it at Mantes Sud, then follow the D 928 ( towards Dreux ) .


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